Nail Art Training DVD vol.8


The DVD is recommended for professional nail technicians who interested in continuing education. These lessons will help you master the difficult and showy one stroke technique. The feature of this technique is the quickness of working on the design: you will create visually 3D, showy designs with a few strokes.
Bright, unusual, charming, refined lilies, branches of lilac and chinese poppies – your clients will loose the power of speech to describe their delight!

Type: One stroke / Painting
Difficulty level: medium
Sound: background music

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  1. Flower field   07:17
  2. Lily   10:05
  3. Rose   08:53
  4. Mushroom   07:17
  5. Mate flower   08:35
  6. Chinese poppies   08:03
  7. Night flower   07:36
  8. Heartsease   07:17
  9. Bellflower   09:20
  10. Ruby flower   06:51

For this training DVD you will need:

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