Nail Art Training DVD vol.3


The DVD is recommended for professional nail technicians who interested in continuing education. This video is recommended for the nail technicians who have some experience in working with acrylic.

You will create amazing colorful irises with the most delicate ornaments, multi-colored fish on the bottom of the ocean and create inlay design.  An abstract aquarium design with the use of hologram foil is especially interesting. Watch it on this DVD!

Type: acrylic designs
Difficulty level: master
Sound: background music

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  1. Floral lace   21:14
  2. Abstraction   10:21
  3. Lilac   15:29
  4. Bottom of the ocean   34:14
  5. Abstract rose   36:40
  6. Garden of Eden   28:09
  7. Chanel   11:24
  8. Dark rose   15:58
  9. Iris   18:19
  10. Rose   36:26

For this training DVD you will need:

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