Nail Art Training DVD vol.15


The DVD is recommended for professional nail technicians who interested in continuing education. Such detailed lessons will let you follow each step, repeat every stroke and understand all principles of nail art.
This DVD is recommended for experienced nail art technicians.

Type: One stroke
Difficulty level: medium
Sound: background music

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  1. Lilies   16:42
  2. Eastern motives   22:51
  3. Butterflies   18:36
  4. Abstract narcissus   20:49
  5. Lace tape   13:08
  6. Poppies   29:36
  7. Birds of summer   39:17
  8. Summer carnival   10:06
  9. Black and white   16:01
  10. Adagio for strings   28:37

For this training DVD you will need:

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