Nail Art Training DVD vol.10


The DVD is recommended for professional nail technicians who interested in continuing education. This DVD is for the experienced nail technicians only.

The dominating point on this DVD is the mix-technique which is based on the usage of color acrylic powders and color acrylic paints.

Type: acrylic designs / classical painting
Difficulty level: master
Sound: background music

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  1. Poppies   27:07
  2. Halloween 2009   42:48
  3. Tiger   46:30
  4. Maple leafs   16:08
  5. Liliya   19:24
  6. Daisy   13:48
  7. Earth stones   27:09
  8. Symphony of flowers   31:31
  9. Parrot   22:39
  10. Jeans   30:51

For this training DVD you will need:

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