Individual Classes

Dear girls,

I can teach you how to make an amazing nail art and how to choose the brushes, I can teach you how to mix the paint to make new colors and how to make a perfect acrylic or gel nails. I can teach you anything you might want. But first, you have to choose what you do want to study 😉

You can have classes in an amazing tourist city, individual classes, only you and me. All materials are provided, you need to take only brushes with you. If you will choose to learn how to do acrylic or gel nails (stiletto, oval, coffin or any other shape) I will also provide a model for nails.

I will help you to choose a hotel for any budget, I will pick you up from the airport and take you there on your departure day, and of course, I will show you the city and best restaurants after the classes.

After classes, you will receive certificates of completion with stamp and hologram sticker.
I have a lot of different programs and I can teach you any painting, extension or decoration technique.

You can also take classes of making acrylic and gel nails. Stiletto, oval, coffin, ballerina, inlay design (aquarium effect ), or any other form you might want.
Duration of these classes depends on your current level of skills, but I recommend not less than 2 days.

The best part of the classes is the price. The actual price for the 2019 year is 150 euro per day. Classes last from 10 am till 4 pm, with 1 hour for a dinner break.

If you want to go for individual classes, please send me an email to