How to Invite me

It’s very easy to invite me. We will need a place to put tables and chairs, also there should be enough space for me to walk between them.

If you are an owner or representative of a company which produces or sells products for nail art – I can work on your products during the classes. If you are interested in this, please keep in mind that I need to have some practice (around 2 weeks) on your products before the classes.

I have a few conditions for the classes, they are usual and very easy:

  • Group up to 18 students
  • The minimal term of my visit: 3 days
  • Organizer of the classes pay for my hotel, tickets, and visa (non European countries only)
  • Organizer of the classes should pick me from the airport and take me there on departure day

If you agree with all terms and conditions, for more information about my classes, please send me an email to